Healthy Skin is an Inside Job

by Lorna Kleidman October 01, 2016

Healthy Skin is an Inside Job

Forget the expensive creams and serums, want to know what REALLY makes skin healthy and look beautiful? It’s what you put into your body that counts. Here’s what to avoid and what to thrive on for a glow that will get you compliments.

What to Eat in Very Limited Portions

  • Foods that are loaded with carbs such as cereal or a large plate of pasta
  • Fried foods, because they’re packed with trans-fats that can make skin look dull
  • Alcohol. Frequently drinking more than 2 cocktails in a week can make your liver work overtime, causing your skin to appear sallow. Always be sure to drink water alongside your alcohol beverage.
  • Sugar as in doughnuts and candy, can damage skin’s collagen… also bad for your pearly whites and energy levels. Just say NO!
  • Salty foods such as soups or canned food can cause water retention and puffiness
  • Milk of any fat content since most are processed with synthetic hormones related to testosterone. These can stimulate oil glands and lead to acne, so reducing dairy may be key or try a milk alternative.
  • Processed food, including meats. Processing strips the nutrient content out of your fuel sources and preservatives add unnecessary sugar and additives that your body needs to break down, resulting in inflammation. Not good for any part of you! 

What Will Help Your Glow

  • Fish such as wild salmon, anchovies or sardines. These fish contain high amounts of proper fats and play a role in strengthening your cell’s membranes.
  • Walnuts, again for strong cell membranes that can retain more water, leading to skin that’s smooth
  • Green veggies like spinach and broccoli which are loaded with antioxidants to reduce systemic inflammation, and may minimize the appearance of wrinkles
  • Blueberries, ranked number one in antioxidants activity by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, as compared to 40 other fruits and vegetables
  • Tomatoes are great because they contain anti-aging antioxidant lycopene. Interestingly, lycopene in tomatoes is more easily absorbed by your body if it’s cooked.
  • Water is very important, so drink it throughout the day. I like to make decaf tea in the late afternoon with some Truvia. It’s a bit of a sweet treat and hydrates at the same time.
  • Dark chocolate has flavonoids that protect and increase blood flow to the skin, and improve skin’s hydration and complexion. It contains potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium also, but is high in calories, so mind your portions and chose organic, 70% or higher.
  • Probiotics are a wonder-supplement that promote healthy bacteria into your gut, help regulate digestion and reduce inflammation, which can trigger certain skin conditions and other diseases
  • Gentle cleansing with a non-drying facial wash. I am a devoted fan of Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing OilIt’s actually an oil-based wash that removes all makeup and cleans   the skin thoroughly, even if you’re oil-prone. I order these 3 at a time so I don’t run out!
  • Exercise is one of the best methods of providing your skin with much-needed oxygenated blood. And, of course, sweating helps to cleanse your pores, which is necessary of you have acne. 

Whether genetics is on your side or not, you can have good skin without spending a fortune. Go get your GLOW on!



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Lorna Kleidman
Lorna Kleidman


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